Debunking Myths about Vaping and Exercise -

Debunking Myths about Vaping and Exercise

Most of today’s star athletes are now selective about the brands and products that they promote. There used to be a time when they could freely promote liquors, medications, and even cigarettes. 

Nowadays, they are more likely to promote shoes and apparel, as their brand managers and coordinators are more concerned about maintaining their image for the new generation of fans of the sport. This is done to show a more family-friendly side to their athleticism instead of promoting something that may hinder the health of all their fans.

This may have been true in the past, as cigarettes indeed have harmful components that have been proven to harm the body of their habitual users. Modern vaping isn’t the same as cigarettes, but they often remain attributed to the disadvantages of the product even though they present no such risk.

If you are an athletic person who would like to be free from all the misconceptions about vaping, look no further than the exciting tidbits that we have in store for you. Here, we break the myths of vaping:

Myth: Vape Can Badly Harm Your Blood Flow

This is false! Yes, cigarettes have all the components to harm the arteries and mess up with blood flow, but this isn’t true when it comes to vapes and e-liquids. 

The latter does not contain carbon monoxide, which has all the harmful effects of the cigars. Because of the absence of this component, your blood has more freedom when it comes to delivering all the needed oxygen to your heart, lungs, and other vital organs.

Myth: Vape Can Badly Harm Your Heart

This may have been true with the typical cigarettes, but the same cannot be said about vapes. Yes, e-liquids come with doses of nicotine, but the thing is, you’re allowed the liberty not only to choose a flavour, but the amount of nicotine to vape. They come in a variety of dosages that you can even go for the lowest variant every time.

This misconception has understandably scared many people from trying out vapes as smoking is known to be the cause of a fatal disease that may attack at any time. Unlike cigars with uncontrollable nicotine amounts, you can go for e-liquids with only small doses—or none at all.

Myth: Vape Can Badly Harm Your Lungs

The average cigarette contains tar that may accumulate in your lungs over time. Vapes and e-liquids, on the other hand, don't have that kind of power. This makes the latter more beneficial to the body, as there is no tar to stop all the needed oxygen supplies that your body needs. 

Feel free to pick an e-liquid with a particular mix of mint for a hint of refreshment, making exercises more satisfying in the long run. You don’t have to worry about the dangers of tar!


Misconceptions about the so-called harmful effects of vapes for athletic bodies should be debunked. Their mistaken impact on the heart, lungs, and blood flow is severely misguided and uninformed. It should be clarified to throw any misconceptions out the window and into the cigar bins. The only thing left to do now is choosing the right vape and e-liquid and enjoying an athletic life without fear and worry.

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