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Why Does Vaping Cause Coughing Fits?

Smokers transitioning to vaping may think that it produces a smoother lung hit, but vapour can hit the throat in ways that feel itchier than tobacco cigarettes. When you inhale too much without much knowledge on the proper ways of vaping, even non-nicotine e-liquids can cause a coughing fit to any new vaper. 

The good news is that coughing from vaping typically happens due to poor technique, so the problem should fade soon when you learn the proper ways to inhale when vaping. A survey also showed that 57 per cent of new vapers cough, but 92 per cent of them no longer has the issue after ten weeks of vaping. 

But aside from technique, what causes vape cough? 

Why Vaping Causes Coughing Fits 

Many vapers often start out with itchy throats after trying e-cigarettes for the first time due to the contents of an e-liquid, particularly the propylene glycol (PG) ingredient. It’s one of the primary substances in an e-juice as it is the one carrying all the delicious flavours you want to explore as a budding vaper, but newbies often find it too strong to handle since the body isn’t used to the e-liquid’s PG content yet.

While PG is there to create a pleasant throat hit, oddly enough, one of its side effects is a sore throat. That’s why many beginners often end up coughing, though it shouldn’t be a cause for concern since PG is classified as a safe additive in food, medicine, or cosmetics in any part of the world. 

Another content in e-liquids is vegetable glycerin (VG), which is the one that makes massive clouds possible when vaping. The amount of vapour entering the lungs can naturally cause some irritation, so coughing is the body’s way of expelling too much vapour. 

What About Salt Nics?

Another culprit behind a vaper’s cough is the nicotine salts in e-liquids, which is the go-to choice for smokers who want to use vape to taper off their smoking addiction. Even when your body is used to the PG/VG content of e-liquid, vaping with high percentages of nicotine can still feel scratchy on the throat.

With that in mind, the best way to mitigate coughing fits is to choose e-liquids that have a nicotine level you can tolerate. 

The Bottom Line: Avoiding Vaper’s Cough

Vaping may seem the same as smoking, but the action requires a few practices to get right without causing a coughing fit. Once you improve your mouth-to-lung technique and allow your body to grow accustomed to the e-liquid’s PG/VG content, you can enjoy your vaping adventures with fewer chances of coughing while chasing clouds. 

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