The Economic Effects of Smoking in the United Kingdom -

The Economic Effects of Smoking in the United Kingdom

Vaping is routinely the subject of controversy in the UK. The entire debate on cigarette smoking versus vaping in the UK has largely centred around health concerns. Though vaping beats traditional smoking on that front by a margin, another point to consider is the economic impact of smoking. 

How Smoking Impacts the Economy as a Whole

In the context of the individual, smoking already costs each person a lot more money than they think. With that in mind, people may think that the economic output would, in turn, be positive as thousands of individuals become active consumers for years on end. However, smoking can actually be quite bad for the economy, too.

Even at its all-time low of 14 per cent, the smoking rate in the UK still represents a dent in the economy. Studies from the International Longevity Centre find that the economy is bleeding out £19 billion annually because of the impact smoking has on the health and productivity of countless working individuals. 

With an increased propensity for disease and early death, smokers end up cutting down on their time of employability. 

Future Steps to Urge Movement

There are certain causes in motion that need to be pushed out the door in order to see fruition. With the massive shift in healthcare behaviour since the global pandemic, now is the perfect time for leading bodies to encourage smokers to drop the habit. Since people have been compliant with new regulations regarding healthcare, we are at a place where they may be more open to policies against smoking. 

The first major step that can be taken is increasing the legal age to purchase tobacco. A lot of risks can already be curbed simply by pushing back the inevitable. It’s also possible to do this using an incentivized approach, which can prove more effective than creating a punishable system that only further alienates the target group. 

Smokers can also expect a price increase. While it is natural to see this in any product over the years, a significant annual rate increase on top of inflation can deter purchases. At the very least, it would encourage smokers to reduce consumption and frequency. Most people will find that the product is not worth buying at the same rate. 

How Vaping Comes Into the Picture

We cannot feasibly expect an entire group of thousands of people to quit cold turkey. It’s not sustainable and could end up being counterproductive. 

In order to assist in the transition, the massive endorsement of vaping in the UK has become necessary. According to statistics, e-cigarettes are responsible for the continually lowering rate of cigarette smokers. Right now, over 2.4 million adults have become ex-smokers because of e-cigarettes. Vaping beats out alternative methods, like nicotine patches and gum. 

Vaping offers up fewer risks to the individual, and in turn, does not impact the economic output of the UK to the same degree. 


Because of the factors mentioned above, it’s worth considering dropping the habit of smoking. E-cigarettes are more sustainable alternatives that can still provide that kick you may be looking for. During a time where the world’s economy has been shaken up, vaping becomes a good option to think about over traditional cigarettes. 

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