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Expanding Your Vaping Palette: 5 E-Juice Flavours to Try Out

Vaping is all about having a unique experience that matches your personal tastes. With a customisable vape kit, you have a whole world of possibilities to try out in terms of flavoured e-juices. Since there are numerous brands and flavour variants to choose from, you'll have endless options to spice up your vaping experience.

What's in an e-juice?

Most vapers start with the fan-favourite tobacco flavour, especially for people recently quitting their smoking habit. Since it has the closest taste to cigars and cigarettes, it's an excellent first choice for beginner vapers. However, there are hundreds of potential options in the market you can try besides sticking with what you're familiar with.

In this article, we'll share five different e-juice flavours you can try out.

1. Fruit flavours

In terms of popularity, fruit flavours are usually a go-to for vapers. You can buy in bulk almost any kind of fruit flavour that comes in single and mixed concoctions. Additionally, different e-juice brands showcase varying potency and spikes in taste. With the wide selection of general fruit options available, you can taste the unique difference that one brand offers from another.

Since these e-juices are fruit-based, they're generally sweet and drown the familiar scent of nicotine in your home. It's a great e-juice option if you have roommates who aren't fans of dealing with your vape juices' musky odour.

2. Drink flavours

What better way to enjoy vaping than mixing to vices in one? Drink flavours contain the familiar intoxicating scent of alcoholic beverages, ranging from mocktails to punches. Although there's a wide selection of alcoholic drinks to choose from, there are also numerous non-alcoholic blends to try. Milkshake, root beer float and even slushies can make your vaping sessions more flavourful and exciting.

3. Dessert flavour

Besides fruits and beverages, you can also have a taste of sweet confections through dessert-flavoured e-juices. You'll be amazed at the range of different flavours that an e-liquid bottle can contain, from sherberts and ice cream sandwiches to apple pies and cinnamon buns!

4. Candy flavour

You shouldn't listen to anyone telling you that candy is just for kids. You can satisfy your sweet-toothed cravings by purchasing candy-flavoured e-juices. These e-juice blends are among the most creative juices you can add to your palette. There's a unique e-juice flavour for every candy type, ranging from general sweet confections to branded ones like Kitkat and Reese's Pieces.

5. Menthol flavour

If you're not into complex flavours but want a cooling sensation down your throat, menthol-flavoured e-juices can be the perfect blend for you. Besides the general minty taste, you can try out different combinations that mix with the e-juice options above. This means you can try fruit menthol, candy menthol, and other concoctions to spice up your cool and refreshing vaping session.


It's almost impossible to run out of vape flavours to try, especially since you can make your own blends through steeping and mixing different e-juices. This allows you to experiment on a unique concoction that fits your tastes and needs. Besides discovering the vast world of flavoured e-juices, you can modify and improve your vape kit through part replacements and upgrades. Adjusting your vape kit specifications to your e-juice of choice will give you plenty of opportunities to experiment and enjoy vaping to its fullest!

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