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What You Need to Know About Mesh vs. Regular Coils

When it comes to vaping, some people prefer mesh while others prefer regular coils. The two have differences as well as similarities. Mesh is generally a strip of metal that's grid-like, typically made from the likes of Nichrome or Kanthal. It's generally designed for the surface area of the metal, which comes into contact with cotton or other wicking material, to increase. On the other hand, regular coils are essentially standard coiled wire. It's a single thread of wire that's turned into a spiral coil, already sitting inside the cotton.

What similarities do mesh and regular coils have?

Aside from being easily found at your average brick-and-mortar or online vape shop in the UK, standard coiled wire and mesh work pretty much the same way. Mesh is growing more common by the day amongst vapers, though they're typically almost always used in coils with less than 1.0ohm resistance (Sub Ohm). When it comes to coils with a 1.0ohm resistance or greater (mouth to lung coils), standard wire is used. They are both the element that heats up when you inhale to vape or press the button to fire up your vape. They are typically found on vape batteries in the UK, no matter the kit.

What differences do mesh and regular coils have?

It's generally the effects of these two things that differ. Even then, it's a pretty slight difference altogether. 

As previously mentioned, mesh cores allow for more metal and surface area of the e-liquid to be heated in the first place. More even heating is another factor since the amount of current that's spread out is generally the same across the surface area, which is also wider. It means that a dry hit is far less likely, and your vape will be much cooler to the touch. 

Since the mesh doesn't heat up as much as the other option does, the longevity is also rather impressive. It's one of the reasons why a mesh coil is typically found in the use of a vape tank that's Sub Ohm. Vaping with the use of Sub Ohm affords you much higher wattage, hence the need for a coil that's capable of withstanding both that much heat and power. When it comes to mesh coils, the flavour payoff is much better, and more vapour is produced.

The more traditional standard/regular coil, on the other hand, is typically seen in super tiny pod mods. They're generally better for kits of that nature since they are able to adapt to having a smaller build compared to mesh coils. There's much lower wattage involved with mouth to lung kits and pods. Typically, a standard coil does not have the lifespan or longevity that mesh coils have.

The surface area generally widens the more cores there are. While there are multi-core coils, they're usually made with standard wire instead of mesh.


There are two general types of coils when it comes to vaping: mesh and standard coiled wire. Mesh is made from metal, typically Nichrome or Kanthal, while regular coil is made from a single thread of wire. They're similar in terms of how they work, but differ slightly in their effects.

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