4 Cloud Chasing Tips for Getting Thicker Vape Juice Clouds

Cloud chasing has become a popular activity for many people, with the term referring to the act of procuring thick clouds of vapour for entertainment purposes. After all, who doesn’t love to see some big and impressive vapour clouds?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to cloud-chasing than just letting the vapour flow when the time comes. It can be slightly hard for a couple of people to get the hang of it even despite all the practice that they do, and that's because it's more of an equipment problem rather than something wrong with the technique.

Make sure that you're prepared with the right tools and settings to produce the perfect thickness for your clouds. Here are a couple of cloud chasing tips that will help any vaping individual get better results.

1) Check the Battery Cell

The first thing any cloud chaser must check when it comes to getting thicker vapour clouds is the battery cell. Your battery should be compatible with whatever other type of device you're using, and it should also have the appropriate voltage level.

The problem with mismatched batteries is that they can create a lot of unnecessary resistance. Even an incompatibility with the charge can contribute to the battery's ineffectiveness, preventing the vapour from thickening even with the right amount of airflow.

2) Toggle the Airflow Settings

It's important to ensure that you have good airflow control. Many times, the vapour gets thickened simply because of the way it passes through the airflow. With the right settings, cloud chasing will be much more of a breeze without a problem.

If the device you're using already has sufficient airflow, then you should adjust the airflow to fine-tune the vapour and add extra thickness to it. Be careful of toggling and changing up the settings, taking care of the settings.

3) Pick the Right Juice

One other thing to do is to pick a good e-juice that's specifically designed for thick clouds. These types of vape juice are designed with a thicker mixture in comparison to regular vaping liquid, which makes them ideal for cloud chasing.

Ideally, you'll be able to produce some massive vapour clouds once you start using these kinds of juices. It's all about compatibility, though, so cloud chasers are recommended to try out different brands to see which one will work the best.

4) Assess Your Vape’s Tank

Be sure that your vape tank is located at the top of your mod, allowing it to fill up with a good amount of vapour. When you're using a tank that's located at the bottom of the mod, it makes it harder for the vapour to get thicker because there's no room left in the tank.

It also helps if your tank has some sort of airflow control. This way, you can simply gain and have control over how much air gets into the tank. By doing so, you can get the right amount of vapour and the right level of thickness.


Once you get the hang of cloud chasing, you'll find that it's not as hard as it sounds. There will still be plenty of work in practising and getting the right thickness for your vapour clouds, but at least you're a step closer to figuring it out.

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