How Refillable Vape Pods Work and How Long They Last -

How Refillable Vape Pods Work and How Long They Last

Whether you are a newbie or a pro in the vaping world, we can all agree that pod vapes are incredibly popular due to their ease of use. Unlike traditional vape mods, pod vapes are incredibly easy to fill. In fact, some even come pre-filled; you only need to pop one in and start vaping. When the time comes, all you need is to replace the pod. That said, we will shine some light on another type of vape pods: the refillable ones.

You may have plenty of questions about refillable vape pods. For instance, you might be wondering how exactly they work or how long they last. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

How do refillable vape pods work?

In its most generic form, a vape pod works the same way as other vaping devices. They vaporise a liquid that you inhale, and over time, you will need to replace that liquid when it runs out. You will also need to replace the coils themselves when they finally give in.

All vape devices will contain three essential parts: the case, the tank, and the coil. The case includes the batteries and other components that power and run the entire device. The tank is where the liquid is stored; in many cases, this is also where the coils are found. The coil is responsible for vaporising the liquid and providing that flavorful plume we all know and love.

How long do refillable vape pods last? 

How long a vape pod lasts depends on your habits. Generally, the more you use them, the more often you will need to refill or replace your pods. However, as a good rule of thumb, you can expect them to last around five refills if you vape often. If you do not vape that often, you can refill them thirty, forty, even fifty times. Again, the number is different from user to user, determined by habits, the device, and liquid. 

The only real advantage vape pods have over traditional vapes is that you do not need to clean them. With traditional vapes, you might find yourself cleaning the tank every month or so and replacing the coils every other week. With a vape pod, all you need to do is refill, refill, and refill. Once you think the pod's days are over, pop new ones in. In the long run, this saves a lot of time and effort in maintaining the pod. It also reduces waste, which makes refillable vape pods an eco-friendlier option. 


In summary, vape pods are a great beginner-friendly device simply because it cuts down on many tedious aspects of vaping. It offers a simple vaping experience, allowing any user to start vaping immediately with their favourite flavours with little to no worry. 

Vape pods are also perfect for experienced vapers who are tired of maintaining their pods. They can still enjoy the experience these easy-to-use packages have to offer. If you are interested in grabbing a vape pod for yourself, be sure to buy from reputable brands and retailers. Not only will this guarantee an excellent vaping experience, but this ensures the vape pods you buy are safe and durable!

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