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What are the Dangers of DIY E-Liquids?

Weekend warriors and creative souls love to go the DIY route, so it’s no surprise that the vaping community sees a dramatic rise in vapers experimenting with different e-liquids for their flavour-chasing ventures. While mixing flavour concentrates are okay since they are designed to help vapers exercise their imagination, creating an e-liquid from scratch is a completely different and risky ballpark. 

Not to mention, many people are considering concocting their flavoured nicotine juices since the federal government is considering banning nicotine products, but the process of producing vape juice can be dangerous to your health in more ways than one. 

The Dangers of Mixing Your Own Vaping Juice Using Online Recipes

E-liquids use chemicals that can be life-threatening when they don’t meet the standard, so miscalculating the ratio of nicotine, flavourings, PG/VG base, and other ingredients can turn an otherwise safer smoking alternative into dangerous activity. Why? Because creating a new vape juice isn’t as simple as mixing all the chemicals according to your palate.

The magic behind e-liquids is heavily rooted in calculations, which involves considering the ideal nicotine levels for your liquid base that promotes a well-balanced mixture. You also have to consider the possibility of cross-contamination, so every step in the process of DIY-ing your e-liquid brings you closer to danger. 

Unless you’re a certified chemist with an extensive understanding of vaping, it’s not worth playing with the science behind e-juices. 

DIY-ing Vape Juice is More Expensive and Wasteful 

Beyond needing to have industry-established experience and technical expertise behind the creation of vape juices, the production process can also be demanding. It requires gloves, goggles, protective trays, funnels, bottles, syringes, and other safety equipment.

DIY is all about trial and error, which means you’ll be wasting plenty of products and burn deeper holes in your pockets in the process. Investing in all the right gear and ingredients can come at a higher cost, one that can drain your money and even put you in the hospital with just one misstep in your process. 

The Bottom Line: Some Things are Not Worth DIY-ing

Many things are worth exploring on your own, but when it comes to heavily regulated products such as an e-liquid, it’s always better to shop for pharmaceutical-grade products than risk your life in the name of creativity. Don’t spoil your vaping experience by trying to cut off your budget for your e-liquid collection, especially since there are thousands of established companies that can provide for all your vaping needs at a safer and more affordable cost. 

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