How to Care for Your Vape Tanks and Vape Coils - Our Guide -

How to Care for Your Vape Tanks and Vape Coils - Our Guide

Proper maintenance is necessary if you want to extend your vaporizer's lifespan. Developing a healthy cleaning habit of your vape device's components ensures that it will work properly and maintain your e-juice's flavour. Unfortunately, a simple rinse and drying treatment isn't enough for your vape tank and vape coils. You must follow the right procedures so that you don't do more harm than good in attempting to clean it.

How to clean your vape tanks

It's common to clean your vape tanks whenever you change flavours if you're trying out a new e-juice. However, you may need to do full-scale cleaning if you feel your vape device isn't giving the best output possible.

Giving your vape tank a deep clean will help remove any contaminants preventing you from receiving an excellent vaping experience. First, detach the tank from your mod and dispose of any remaining e-liquid inside it. Next, disassemble the tank and set aside every piece separately.

Use a high-proof and non-flavoured vodka to break down the e-juice deposits inside the Vapebox tanks. Using a clean cloth or paper towel, dampen each part and scrub and tough areas with stains or residue. Wipe it clean with a dry cloth and rinse it with warm water. Let each individual piece stand in the air for 15 minutes at most. Afterwards, reassemble the tank and put it back on your vape device.

How to clean your vape coils

A common misconception about vape coils is that you can clean them back to good use. Unfortunately, cleaning it won't improve its performance. This is why you shouldn't wet them since they'll burn out faster this way. Replacing vape coils will be a common routine for you, especially since it's one of your vape device's more vulnerable components. The more frequently you vape, the sooner you'll have to buy a replacement vape coil.

A burnt taste or leakage issues from your atomizer are some of the telltale signs of a burnt vape coil. Thankfully, replacing your vape coil is simple enough to do, even if there are different coil types in the market. First, remove the vape tank from your vape device and remove any remaining e-liquid. Unscrew the coil from the tank, then screw in the new coil afterwards.

Bonus: Vape kit maintenance tips

Besides deep cleaning your vape tanks and replacing your vape coils, you can develop habits to ensure that they will last for a longer time. For example, maintaining the ideal e-liquid level will ensure that your vape device functions its best. Avoid overfilling it since it can cause spitback and flooding issues.

Like any electronic gadget, it's best to keep your vape device in comfortable temperatures. Exposing your vape juice to extreme temperatures can cause it to thin out and lose its flavour. Make sure to store it safely when not in use, especially when you won't be using it for a while. There are plenty of storage case options you can purchase that can come in handy if you have to travel with your vape device.


Caring for your vape kit is no simple task, which is why you need to research the best ways to handle its different components. Being familiar with the dos and don'ts for your vape device will help you keep it working in its best condition for months to come.

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