How You Can Do Vape Tricks Like the Vapour Lords Do -

How You Can Do Vape Tricks Like the Vapour Lords Do

Do you think you have what it takes to be a vape lord? Do you want to outsmoke your friends at your next e-hangout? Maybe you just want to do sick moves like the Ghost Deception vape trick. Whatever the case may be, we are here to deliver high octane knowledge straight to your cranium.

Get Vape Gear

The first thing you need is some solid vape gear. Check out a reputable online vape shop that has the most choice equipment, like V8PR. However, don’t just spend on expensive tools; do your research and figure out what is and isn’t right for you.

Learn Vaping Basics

There are two kinds of inhalation techniques when it comes to basic vaping. The first is known as mouth-to-lung or MTL. The second is known as direct lung or DL. To figure out which is the best for you, remember that MTL is for high nicotine content, and DL is for low nicotine content.


First, slowly draw vapour into your mouth for a few seconds. Hold the vapour in your mouth for one or two seconds. Third, open your mouth and breathe in the vapour to your lungs. Make sure not to swallow. Finally, exhale the vapour.

Direct Lung

First, inhale the vapour extremely quickly, directly to the lungs, then exhale the vapour almost immediately after.


Remember, doing some of these tricks requires a lot of practice, so don’t give up if you can’t do it at first! Here are some tricks you can pull off with your vape:

  • The Ghost Deception Vape Trick

  • First, take a large mouthful of vapour from your vape and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. Second, push vapour out of your mouth in such a way that it is shaped like a ball. Quickly inhale the mass. As you inhale, you should see a ghost.

  • The Dragon Vaping Trick

  • First, take a long drag. The longer, the better. Second, while exhaling, keep your lips pressed together but don’t squeeze your mouth’s corners too hard. Then suddenly exhale all of the vapour. You’ll look like a dragon for sure.

  • The French Inhale

  • First, take a large intake of vapour, but don’t inhale it. Just keep it in your mouth. Next, move your tongue to the back of your mouth to trap the vapour. After a few seconds, open your mouth slightly by moving your lower lip. This will release some vapour. Lastly, and this is the difficult part, bring your tongue forward and inhale through your nostrils. 

    This should make the vapour come out of your mouth (because you moved your tongue forward), then when you inhale through your nostrils, it should suck the vapour up. This will end up creating a reverse waterfall.

  • The Tornado Hoax Vape Trick

  • First, find a flat surface. Next, inhale some vapour. More vapour leads to a cooler-looking trick. Lean down towards the surface and exhale slowly. Try to be as close as possible to the surface when you do this. Make sure your cloud is firm. Once all the vapour has left your mouth/lungs, use your hand to scoop the middle of the cloud to create a swirling effect.


    We’re sure you’re on the hunt for more vape e-juice in the UK to practice with. This is exactly the attitude you need to master these vape tricks and truly become a vape lord. Tricks you should try include Dragon Vaping, Ghost Deception and the French Inhale.

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