Vaping Newbies: Are You Vaping Right? (Part 2) -

Vaping Newbies: Are You Vaping Right? (Part 2)

Vaping newbies often get vaping wrong. So, if you want to make your first vaping experience pleasurable and satisfying, read about the signs you’re doing it wrong. Now, we’re in the second part: 

Vaping Even After the Coil Has Burned Out

If you are starting to taste burned sugar while vaping, then this is probably due to coil gunk. However, many newbies would continue vaping despite the burnt taste, which is something you shouldn’t do at all. 

Coil gunk is due to the burned sucralose from sweetened e-liquid. It builds up quickly on the vaping coil. Also, the reason newbies are tempted to power through despite the burnt taste is that coils are expensive. Still, continuing to use it with a coil gunk is bad. To prevent this from happening, replace your coils constantly, or you can switch to an unsweetened e-liquid. 

Using It Until Its Entirely Dry

Vaping tanks are not allowed to dry out completely, yet a lot of newbies let this happen and use it at the same time. When the tank is dry, the e-liquid can only pass through the wick holes of the coil, but if the juice doesn’t touch the holes, the wick will dry out. 

Using Wrong Nicotine Strength

How powerful your vaping device is will say a lot about the vapour it will produce. Moreover, the more vapour your equipment produces, the lower the nicotine strength will be. A lot of vaping newbies fail to use the right nicotine strength. 

Here’s a simple guide:

  • If your vaping equipment is designed for direct-to-lung inhaling, your e-juice must have a nicotine strength of 3-6 mg. 
  • If you want a cigarette-like buzz, go for 50 mg. 
  • 18 mg nicotine strength is usually a good starting point. 

The thing is, if your nicotine strength is too low, you’ll experience more frequent cravings, and you may find it difficult to resist returning to smoking. Moreover, you will use up your e-liquid quicker than expected. 

Not Hydrating

It’s common to experience dry mouth when vaping. You even get the same sensation when you’re a smoker. That’s why you need to keep yourself hydrated because that’s not normal. In vaping, the e-liquid ingredients, such as glycerin and propylene glycol, draw in moisture and trap it. That’s why these are common ingredients found in shelf-stable foods. So, when you vape, replace the lost water by keeping yourself hydrated at all times. 

Buying the Same Juice 

There’s a wide selection of e-liquids out there today, and they’re all available for you to try. One of the best things about vaping is you’re not limited to a set of flavours, unlike cigarettes. Go on and explore the flavours. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on a huge part of what makes vaping so great. You could even experience vaper’s tongue, which makes your taste buds become fatigued that they can no longer taste your e-liquid at all. 


Now that you know the signs you’re doing vaping wrong, you can now get it right the first time. Buying vaping products from a trusted vape shop is also key in having a great vaping experience every time.

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