Light or Heavy: An Introduction to Vape Pens and Vape Mods -

Light or Heavy: An Introduction to Vape Pens and Vape Mods

Vaping has continued to be a trend ever since its inception. Throughout the years, more and more people have been shifting their attention towards vape. The convenience of using these wonder devices and the smooth experience they provide may have played a role in that.

Today, there are two basic vape devices: vape pen and vape mod. Let’s take a look at them:

What Is a Vape Pen and a Vape Mod?

Vape pens are devices that simulate a cigar. They are mostly made up of an atomiser, a rechargeable battery and a cartridge that contains the flavour, also known as the vape juice. Vape pens are usually small in size, so you can carry them around without any hassle. You may even buy portable containers for them that will fit in your pockets.

Vape mods, like vape pens, also enable you to simulate the act of smoking; however, they are much bigger in size and have more parts. This is because they have more features than your typical vape pens, allowing you to change the temperature settings whenever you want to. Some models of vape mods also enable you to remove the battery, replacing it with another fully charged battery if you do not want your smoking session to end abruptly.

What Are Their Other Differences?

Aside from the ones mentioned above, they also differ in other factors. The following are just a few examples of their variations.

Their Battery Life

Vape pens are a lot smaller, and they do not have any other features that you may play with. Because of that, they consume less battery. On the other hand, vape mods are a lot bigger, and they have features that help with temperature control. They also have more vape-producing capacity than your typical e-cigarette. In such a case, they consume more energy, shortening their battery life in the process.

Their Prices

As with most things sold in the market, the bigger an item is, the higher its price will be. The same can be said about the vape pen, although it has a more portable feature than its bigger counterpart. Another factor that may affect their price are the features. Since vape mods have more to offer, they are more costly than your average e-cigarette. Keep this in mind the next time that you’ll be shopping for both.

Their Tanks

Also known as the container, this usually contains the vape juice you will be utilising whenever you need to vape. Their difference isn’t just about the size of the cartridge, but rather the flavour to be used as well. Some vape pens only allow a certain vape juice to be used, while vape mods are more customisable and may utilise almost an unlimited range of flavours.


Vape pens and vape mods are both great devices to have around if you want to experience a nice throat hit. Even though they have their varying features, both are capable of providing that smooth experience whenever you’d need to cool down from a stressful day. Invest in both and get a feel of their differences and their features. Go for the one that works best for you at the moment and have a great afternoon chill unlike any other.

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