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3 Tips to Help Vapers Maximize Their Summer Vaping Experience

With summer here, people are looking forward to enjoying the warm and exciting outdoors. After all, nothing beats heading to the beach and enjoying the sun, sand, and sea or heading to the park to enjoy some peaceful and relaxing moments in life. That being said, for vapers, the warmer temperature may bring about some slight concerns about their vaping habits. For instance, with warmer temperatures, extra efforts need to be put into protecting vape liquid from the heat, not to mention the sun itself.

In this article, we're going to share tips to help vapers maximize their vaping experience in the summer:

Protect your juice and batteries from the heat

Heat is never a friend to your juice and batteries. It will hurt your juice by oxidizing it faster and ruining its chemical make-up. If you were vaping something with nicotine, the heat can break down the nicotine molecules, causing it to become ineffective. Intense heat can also change the liquid's colour and viscosity, making it harder to vape overall. Once degraded, there's no way to restore the liquid to its former glory.

With the batteries, not only will heat hurt its capacity to hold a charge, but it can expose you to fire hazards. Once damaged, the batteries will need to be replaced, simply because there's no way of fixing a battery.

Research where you can vape before travelling

While you may be excited to vape on your travels, know that you can't vape wherever you please. Generally, some places will have rules that revolve around where you can smoke. This will also apply to vapers, so if you know that you will stay in a hotel that restricts smoking, understand that you cannot vape there. In fact, some countries have a vaping ban, and you wouldn't want to be caught vaping in said countries.

In other words, wherever you plan to go in the summer, check whether you can vape there or not. If you are left unsure as to whether you can vape or not, it is better for you not to vape at all.

Bring a charger or extra batteries for your mod

On the go, you're at the mercy of your battery's capacity. If it is small, you'll quickly find yourself without the power to use your mod. As such, we highly recommend that you bring both extra batteries for your mod and a charger.

With the extra batteries, you can keep them topped off for quick swapping should you need to. With the charger, you can charge your mod with an internal battery, or you can also use it to charge external batteries to ensure you have the power you need to keep your vape going for as long as possible.


With the travel cravings the summer can present, it is vital that you thoroughly prepare before you head out anywhere. In fact, many of the tips we've shared apply well, even if you decide not to travel around. Having extra batteries on hand, keeping your vaping products in a cool place, and knowing where to vape are essential skills you need to master. This way, you can maximize your vaping experience no matter where you are, ensuring you get that drag in when you want it.

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