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Our Beginner's Guide to E-Liquids: What's Inside? Part 1

As a beginner taking the first steps to your vaping adventures, it’s easy to get swept by the thrill of vaping. Starting out with the right device to accompany your journey is a happy experience, but it feels even better once you start collecting e-liquids. Beyond offering cigarette smokers a better alternative, vaping provides a fun excuse to enjoy different flavours that delight the senses in more ways than one.

Before you jump from one flavour to the next, it’s best to understand what you’re vaping so you won’t solely rely on your cravings to guide your next purchases. By knowing the basic components of an e-liquid, you won’t make the mistake of vaping something too harsh or strong for your taste. With that in mind, let’s take a plunge into what e-juice is all about!

What’s in an E-Liquid?

E-liquid is made up of plenty of ingredients, all of which play a role in bringing out pleasant properties in the e-juice — from its fruity, sweet, classic, to experimental flavours, nicotine strength, thickness, and more. But for now, let’s focus on what matters the most: Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, two of every e-liquid’s main components.

Propylene Glycol

Famously dubbed by vapers as “PG,” this is one of the two primary carriers making up every e-liquid in the market. It’s a form of thinner that generally binds the flavours, which means its thinner consistency makes it great vaporising. 

PG’s distinct quality makes the odourless liquid promote a satisfying “throat hit” smokers feel from conventional cigarettes. Not to mention, it maximises different flavours, which is why you’ll often find PG in food enhancers too.

Vegetable Glycerine 

Also known as “VG,” this is PG’s counterpart that aims to balance the liquid’s consistency. It has a thicker viscosity, which allows it to flow slower into wicks. If PG makes great throat hits, the thickness of VG makes it possible to chase massive clouds. Also, taking a giant hit won’t result in a coughing fit since VG is smoother on the throat. 


Most vapers make the switch to electronic devices due to their nicotine content, making it one of the most important ingredients for smokers who are trying to taper off their addiction. Different e-liquids come with varying nicotine levels from zero-level nicotine to pure nicotine liquid, though you can determine the amounts based on their percentage or volume. 

A strength of 6mg of nicotine should give enough of a buzz for casual smokers, while average smokers may find more satisfaction with 12mg nicotine in their e-liquid. Heavy smokers may need to vape with a maximum strength of 18mg to 24mg to sate their cravings. 

The Bottom Line: Breaking Down the Ingredients of E-Liquid 

Seeing as you’re introducing e-liquid to your lungs, it makes perfect sense to get to know its basic components, so you have a clearer understanding of what you’re vaping. With the guide above, you can choose the perfect e-liquid with the ideal consistency and nicotine level that suits your taste. 

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