How to Maximize Airflow and Power to Produce Thick Vapour Clouds -

How to Maximize Airflow and Power to Produce Thick Vapour Clouds

Not every vaper out there starts off looking to maximise the vapour clouds that their devices are producing. For many, it is all about getting that nicotine fix, and that throat hit. However, as the habit continues, one's initial thoughts about vaping may slowly change. Slowly, many vapers realise that they want something a little more fun than simply enjoying nicotine. More often than not, that fun comes in the form of massive vapour clouds!

Are you one of those individuals who initially did not care about thick vapour clouds but now do? If so, then you will be hunting for tips and tricks to maximise your clouds. Today, we will focus on two crucial aspects that can help you produce the thickest clouds possible: airflow and power.

Adjusting the Airflow

When it comes to airflow, the simple rule to cloud-chasing is this: the more the airflow, the better. While there will be diminishing returns as you go higher in the airflow scale, it is generally the case where the more airflow you get, the thicker and fuller the clouds you will breathe out.

Why is this the case? This is mainly because the more air you can pull through the coil, the cooler the coil will be. This might sound bad, especially when knowing that hot coils are needed to vaporise the e-liquids. However, the reason this works is that the cooler the coil, the cooler the air. This facilitates condensation, which helps in the production of thick vapour clouds.

Another reason more airflow equals more vapour is that there is more air for vapour to exist in. For example, think of two glasses, one big and one small. The bigger one will hold much more water than the smaller glass, which can be said about airflow. The more air there is going through the coil, the more air can hold the vapour.

Adjusting the Power

When it comes to power, the rule is as simple as always: the more the power, the more the cloud. For instance, vaping at 50 watts will produce much thicker clouds than vaping at 20 or 30 watts. However, there are some concerns when you go higher, such as burning out your coils and overall getting a hotter drag. Note that the hotter you get the coils, the more airflow you will need as well. Also, keep in mind that the hotter your coils, the faster your wicks will dry and possibly burn.

With that in mind, how much power you want to use is up to personal preferences. Apart from considering what the coil can handle (generally printed onto the coil itself), how hot or cool you want your drags to be will overall affect the power you choose. If you do opt for higher power, we recommend going for sub-ohm tanks. 


All in all, the more airflow and power you can put into your drags, the thicker the clouds you can produce. That being said, if you are looking to invest in new vape kits to produce denser clouds, we highly recommend looking for sub-ohm kits. They're the ones well known to produce a ton of cloud and flavour, not to mention still give that nicotine hit people sought after in vaping. Regardless, be sure to experiment with varying airflow and power settings. This way, you can achieve the clouds you dream of breathing out, boosting your vaping experience.

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