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3 Key Tips For Keeping Your E-Liquid In Top Condition

At this point of your vaping life, it’s well-established that most—if not all—of your experiences, hits, and sessions are only as good as your e-liquid.

Similar to blood, water, and wine, vape juice is an absolute necessity whose importance cannot be replicated by anything else relevant to its specific purpose. After all, could you imagine a hit without the taste of your favourite sweet, minty, smokey, or savoury flavours setting the mood?

With all the experimentation, research, and experiences that you’ve dealt with, you’re most likely someone that has quite a handful of e-liquid bottles in your cupboard. Compared to other kinds of essential goods for any kind of vaper, however, vape juice can be quite difficult to deal with because it’s a perishable product.

This brings us to a question that you might have in mind: “How can I keep my e-liquid in top condition?”

E-Liquid Preservation Tips Worth Following

While there are many different techniques that you need to get a hang of when it comes to being a master vaper, the ability to preserve your e-liquid in its finest condition is by far the most important, yet underrated of the bunch. 

Fortunately, catching up and making the most out of your beloved juice doesn’t need to be such a complicated process. We’ve got you covered with these simple tips and tricks: 

Tip #1: Keep Your Battery Terminal Clean

At this point, you might be reading the above-mentioned line and thinking: “what the hell do batteries have to do with preserving my vape juice?”

Well, a lot—that’s for sure.

You see, dirty terminals are very much capable of making or breaking the taste of your hits because they can affect the performance of your vape or prevent its terminal from connecting with the clearomiser. This, in turn, results in sub-par burns that fail to maximise the qualities of a bottle of juice well enough to yield better-tasting and cleaner hits!

Tip #2: Get High-Quality Juices

There’s a saying in the vape industry that never loses its touch: if you want your vape juice quality to last, it all starts with getting quality liquids.

Although there may not seem like there’s a difference when you look at the bottles alone, premium e-juices have an edge over cheaper ones because they’re formulated to stay in shape for much longer. What this essentially means is that getting a tube of quality juice from a reputable retailer like V8PR alone will go a long way towards ensuring that you keep your e-liquid in top condition!

Tip #3: Keep Your Tank Clean

The one thing that far too many vapers don’t know about e-liquid quality is that cleanliness affects it greatly—especially if a tank set-up is being used.

When you fail to keep your tank as clean as possible, you inevitably ruin the quality of your hits because leftover gunk and stains interfere with the flavour profile of the juice. Fortunately, you can prevent your tongue from being violated by burnt tastes and leftover residue by cleaning your tank weekly!


As simple as it may seem, the process of keeping your vape juice in the best condition possible goes an extremely long way towards ensuring that you have sublime hits and experiences. By keeping the three key tips mentioned above in mind, you’ll never have to worry about bad-tasting or inadequate hits ever again!

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