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Our Beginner's Guide to E-Liquids: What's the Ideal Ratio For You? Part 2

E-liquids are what makes vaping a thrilling experience as it sates the vaper’s cravings in more ways than one. We mentioned before that aside from helping smokers let their nicotine addiction go, the extensive flavours truly give vaping its unique selling point. 

Going from menthol, classic tobacco, desserts, and other confectionary delights make vaping unique in its own right, so choosing the best e-juice heavily depends on your preference. We already talked about the basic components of e-liquids in our previous article, so the next step to determining the ideal e-juice that hits all the right spots for you is to know the best PG and VG ratio. 

What PG/VG Ratio is Best For Your Taste? 

The right PG/VG ratio can transform your vaping experience altogether. As we mentioned before, the PG is responsible for thinning the liquid to boost flavour and achieve a satisfying throat hit. On the other hand, the VG content thickens the consistency and leaves room for plenty of exciting, cloud-chasing adventures. 

Different PG/VG Ratios You Should Explore

  • 50/50 - the best PG/VG ratio that offers the best of both worlds; this is an excellent choice for beginners since it’s mostly compatible with basic mods with an atomiser resistance level between 1.0 ohms to 2.0 ohms.

  • 70/30 - this is for vapers with an atomiser resistance level below 1.0 ohms, which allows for more vapour. Despite the thicker clouds it produces, the ratio leaves enough room to enjoy the e-liquid’s flavours.

  • 80/20 - this is for dedicated cloud-chasers that want to rip bigger hits and still taste the nuances of their e-liquid, though the ratio calls for atomisers with 0.5 ohms or lower.

  • 100/0 - for vapers who want to compete with other cloud-chasers, e-liquids compromised of PG allow for maximum cloud production. The bigger the clouds, the better, so there’s little-to-no attention given to the e-liquid’s flavour with this ratio. Keep in mind that you’ll need a powerful vape device to produce some seriously gigantic clouds!

The Bottom Line: Choosing the Best PG/VG Ratio That Meets Your Unique Taste 

Different PG/VG ratios cater to unique palates and cravings, so there’s no right or wrong answer when you’re shopping around for the next best e-liquid to add to your collection. Just remember that the ratios shape the vaping experience, so choose the ideal percentages that suit your specific needs — be it for maximising the e-liquid’s flavour to chasing massive clouds. 

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