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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Vape Juice Sit in Your Tank

Many smokers who want to stop smoking cigarettes usually trade in their sticks for vapes. Depending on the amount of nicotine that your vape juice contains, it may be a better alternative to your smoking. Although quitting smoking is so much better for your health, it is an extremely difficult habit to kill.

Since vaping is so convenient, new vape users or even existing ones forget to do one thing: emptying the vape juice tank. Leaving vape juice in your vape tank for a few days is alright, but leaving it there for a long time may be harmful to you and your device.

Here are some reasons you shouldn’t leave your vape juice in your tank:

It’s going to leak

The most common issue that vape users have with their vapes is that the juice leaks. It could be a manufacturing problem, but it could also mean that your juice has been sitting there for too long.

Leakage can cause quite a bit of mess and could affect your vape’s functionality. The juice can get to your belongings and damage them completely because of its sticky substance and chemicals. To avoid this, make sure you constantly clean your vape tank and store your vape upright.

Flavours might mix

If you like flavoured vape juice, it is necessary to constantly clean your vape tank. The juices can seep into the crevices of your tank and may be difficult to remove for future cleaning. This may affect the flavour of the other vape juice that you would like to use.

Another issue with leaving your juice inside a vape tank is that the flavour quality will deteriorate. That’s because it is exposed to other elements. It’s best to put only what you need for a session, clean up after, and repeat for a better experience.

Nicotine levels can change

Juices with high nicotine content in the tank will have lower levels when left in there for a period of time. When vape juice is exposed to other elements and oxygen, the nicotine level will most likely decrease. If you aren’t going to vape much, it is best to leave the juice in its original container before transferring it to the tank. This way, you can keep the juice in better quality for a longer time.

It can clog your tank

There are some juices that are fairly thicker than other juices. Leaving these types of vape juice in your tank for too long may affect the inside of your tank due to “caramelization.” The compounds of your vape juice may harden and thicken, leading to gunk build-up. That will make cleaning your device a bit more difficult, or worse, you might have to replace your device altogether.


Owning a vape demands some upkeep and maintenance and these tips should help give you a better vaping experience. Now that you know how important it is to clean your vape tank, make sure that you keep up this habit of maintaining your vape so that you could maximise your vaping experience.

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