Some Practical Tips to Prevent Coughing While Vaping - Our Guide -

Some Practical Tips to Prevent Coughing While Vaping - Our Guide

Smokers making the switch to vaping do so for a number of reasons. Some of them are after the health benefits of easing away from cigarettes. Others would like to experience a different mouth feel than the one smoking provides. There are even those who are simply curious about vape kits, vapour tricks, and the trappings of the lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, smokers who get into vaping can sometimes experience difficulties during their transition. Fits of coughing, for instance, are common even to those who are used to smoking.

If you’ve ever wondered why new vape users cough frequently, here are a few causes of these fits, as well as what you can do to ensure a smoother vaping experience. 

1. Change your vaping technique

The primary issue that those switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes encounter is the differences in technique. Some people learn to breathe smoke directly into their lungs, while others pull the smoke into their mouths before breathing in.

This can cause some issues for a smoker who moves onto vaping. Where one technique works for smoking, it might not work with vaping. Take some time to experiment as everyone has different experiences when making the switch.

2. Get the right blend of e-juice

It’s possible for Propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG), the main components of e-juice, to irritate the throat. Some are allergic to these fluids and their first pull can be an unpleasant experience. If you’re a new vape user, get a blend with a higher VG to PG ratio, since this gives you a smoother throat hit.

You can also reduce the level of nicotine in your mixture, at least until the coughing disappears. A new vaper sometimes needs to get used to vape e-juice, and strong nicotine just contributes to the overwhelming sensation of vapour. Slowly raise the levels of nicotine when you are sure you can handle the throat hit that e-liquids provide.

3. Wait out the regrowth of cilia

In smokers making the switch to vape pens, there is a period where the throat’s cilia will regrow. This can lead to a tickling sensation which causes coughing. There is also a period where quitting smokers hack up phlegm as their bodies clear the tar from their lungs. In cases like these, the only thing to do is wait for the process to complete before attempting to vape.

4.  Hydrate, especially when vaping

Like smoking, vaping causes dehydration. When vaping, it is good to keep a glass or a bottle of water nearby, to help keep the throat and mouth moisturized. It is easy to keep puffing and not realize that your lips or mouth are dry until you start coughing.

5. Lower your device’s power usage

The stronger your device, the higher the wattage. This leads to a hotter device that produces more vapour. If your hits have a high amount of condensation, it can cause irritation in your lungs, particularly if you enjoy holding the vapour in for a while before exhaling. When you lower the wattage or restrict the airflow, you can take longer hits without inhaling too much vapour.

6. Change the vape coil

The cotton wick soaking up juice is heated up to create vapour, and after some time, it will get clogged with carbon and burn up. Some vapers can make the coil last for a month; for other users, the cotton burns up in a mere week. Consider switching your vape coil when the juice starts tasting different, or when you’re getting a thinner and more transparent vapour.


Switching to vapes for health or lifestyle reasons is becoming popular among smokers. Coughing is a normal reaction to a new vape, and there are a few things to learn like how to balance the e-juice ratios and how to care for your pen. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll be using your vape effortlessly.

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