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5 Vaping Myths and Revealing the Truth behind Them

With more and more people trying out vaping, this hobby is simply getting much more attention and, unfortunately, its fair share of myths and assumptions. These myths can lead to people having false thoughts about the hobby, and to make things worse, the media has made this myth much more "believable" by including random numbers and statistics to back them up.

Today, we want to tackle these myths and misconceptions to help you make the most educated decision possible about the whole idea of vaping:

Myth 1. The E-liquid Is Shrouded in Mystery

Many people assume that no one really knows what sits inside that mysterious e-liquid bottle. Fortunately for vapers, mystery is not part of the dictionary! Unlike cigarettes that contain thousands of unknown chemicals, the e-liquid is fully transparent and contains no more ingredients than the fingers on your hand. 

Yes, we said hand, not hands. E-liquids contain up to four ingredients, or three if you are going nicotine-free!

Myth 2. Being a Second-Hand Vapour Is Bad

People normally associate vaping with smoking, and that's why they assume that second-hand vapour is just as bad, if not worse, than smoking. Funnily enough, the Spanish Council of Scientific Research has proved that a normal exhaled breath contains more harmful compounds than vapour.

Of course, this by no means you should go around blowing clouds of vapour into people's faces. That's just rude and will only give vaping a bad rep!

Myth 3. The Vaping Industry Is Targeting Children

Anti-vaping groups are always desperately looking for ways to ban vaping, and one of the reasons they've come up with is that the vaping industry markets to children. This is entirely false, and all vaping companies will only ever market their products to individuals who are old enough to smoke. A trustworthy retailer will adhere to this rule and check the IDs of those looking to purchase vaping products!

Unfortunately, we cannot say that this is the case for any unreputable retailer, but then again, that applies to every product out there and not just vaping.

Myth 4. Vaping Is Marketed Towards Non-smokers

While non-smokers can try out vaping as they wish, the vaping industry doesn't market to them. The main target of the sector is smokers and ex-smokers looking for alternatives to enjoy their nicotine hits without using a cigarette. In fact, any company trying to attract non-smokers are considered illegitimate and are looked down on by vaping companies.

Myth 5. Vaping Devices Will Explode in Your Pocket

There have been cases where vape devices have blown up in their unfortunate owner's pockets. However, these things don't happen randomly. In all of these cases, the cause of the explosion was due to a battery being either damaged or coming into contact with a metal object. 

In other words, a vaping device is much like a phone. Treat it with care, and such risks will be significantly minimised!


If you previously believed any of the above myths or misconceptions, now you know the truth! Many of these assumptions have caused people to accuse vaping of many different mishaps, and vapers have taken the brunt of these beatings. Fortunately, with the truth out and about, more and more people are well aware of the true nature of vaping and becoming much more accepting. That being said, don't use this as an excuse to vape in a rude manner. It is fair to treat it like smoking simply because the stigma of vaping still looms in the air. You wouldn't want someone to come up to you and blow clouds of vapour all over your face unless you asked for it, so don't do it!

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