Vaping Newbies: Are You Vaping Right? (Part 1) -

Vaping Newbies: Are You Vaping Right? (Part 1)

Now that you have finally switched to vaping from smoking, it’s time to get used to vaping. First-time vapers will find that this can be a tricky process because it involves getting the right e-liquid, equipment, etc. It may all seem pretty straightforward, but we all have different preferences. 

Here, we will discuss the signs that you’re vaping wrong and how you can correct them. We have divided them into two parts! For the first part, here we go: 

Puffing Wrong

One of the biggest mistakes first-time vapers make is puffing on their e-cigarettes like they would their tobacco cigarettes. When it comes to puffing e-cigarettes, it’s different from how you would normally puff a real cigarette. With a cigarette, you take shorter and firmer puffs because this makes the paper burn faster.

On the other hand, an e-cigarette operates on only one temperature no matter how firmly you puff. Puffing too hard will have the e-liquid end up in your mouth, and that’s not a pleasant experience. 

The right way to puff an e-cigarette is slowly, with even air pressure. 

Buying More Power Than Necessary

Walking into a vape shop will feel like you walked into a candy store—there are many assortments of stuff you can choose from. This is when things get too overwhelming. Additionally, first-time vapers are often tempted to purchase a vaping device with more power than they need because they think it’s the best choice. 

The thing is, if you’re new to vaping, it’s best you start with a simple vaping pen. 

Buying a high-end, powerful box mod is complicated, especially for newbies. For one, it comes with a menu system, along with a bunch of features that you don’t know and won’t care about for some time. 

Moreover, a powerful vaping machine will have you filling your tank and replacing the atomiser coils frequently. That is not something you want to think about the first time. 

Remember, your first vaping experience should be simple and easy. Therefore, don’t purchase powerful vaping equipment just yet; you’ll get there. For now, stick to the basics and see how the experience will be. If you find that you’re ready for something more, that’s when you can explore other powerful mods. 

Also, since you have recently quit smoking, a small vape pen will give you a more cigarette-like experience, which will make the transition even more bearable for you. 

Installing New Coils Wrongly

Newbies often complain about a burnt taste when vaping after they install a new coil. This is because the coils are installed incorrectly. When the coils are not installed properly, chances are, you’re burning the wicks in the coils. 

A vaping coil comes with a cotton wick that keeps the heating wire wet with e-juice. It’s essential to avoid using a new vaping coil until the wick has a chance to become saturated with e-liquid completely. 

Ready for Part Two? 

Now you know the three common signs you’re vaping wrong, let’s move on to the second part. We’re here to help you get vaping right and have a pleasurable experience. 

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