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What You Should Know About 18650 Batteries and Vaping

While there are stories circulating about exploding vape batteries, it’s important to remember that these cases are extremely rare, especially if you maintain your batteries properly. In the vast majority of cases, these batteries do nothing except power your vape. As long as you get your vape and vape battery from a reputable vape shop, you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

If you’re looking into buying a beginner vape, you don’t have to do much worrying about your battery; it is built into the casing of the vape. This means you just have to charge the device and never have to install anything. At most, you just have to check it every now and then for wear and tear. 

If you want to get a more advanced vape, you may have to buy a battery separately. The 18650 battery is ubiquitous in the vape community, and with good reason. The battery is priced fairly, it’s rechargeable (so you don’t have to buy single-use batteries) and it is very reliable. 

What is the 18650 battery?

18650 are lithium-ion batteries. Besides being used for vapes, the 18650 battery can also be used for all sorts of devices. These can include smartphones, power tools, laptops and cameras. They are sometimes even used as electric car batteries.

Why use the 18650 battery for vape devices?

The 18650 battery for vapes tends to come in a range of 2600-3000mAh (milliamp Hour, which is a measurement of the battery’s capacity). Brands like MoliCel batteries are legal to use in vapes and e-cigarettes. When you first receive a 18650, you’ll notice how similar they are to regular batteries. However, they are three times as powerful. More powerful vapes need this to properly heat the vape juice and create vapour. A weaker battery may damage your device if you aren’t careful.

Is it safe?

While it is possible for vapes to explode/overheat/spark/leak, this only tends to happen when the battery isn’t properly cared for or was not installed properly to begin with. As long as your 18650 came from a reputable source, was installed properly and is well-maintained, there is no significant risk in using one. Specifically, there is only a one in ten million chance of an explosion occurring if the battery is cared for properly. Keep your e-cig batteries in a proper case so that they don’t get damaged.

Never forget that e-cigs and vape kits in the UK, as well as their batteries, must go through strict safety specifications before they can be sold to you, the consumer. These are the same stringent requirements that headphones, tablets or other devices must go through as well.


There are three important things to remember. First, remember that vapes and the 18650 battery are only as reliable as their supplier. Always make sure that you are buying from a brand and supplier that is reputable. Second, remember to always maintain your vape kits and batteries. Check your devices often. Don’t have them lying around or loosely kept in your pocket. Instead, you should keep them in a specific carrying case where they won’t knock into each other. Lastly, never install a battery improperly. If you need help, ask for it. Don’t let your pride get in the way of safety.

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