Vaping: What Causes Its Burnt Taste & How to Fix It -

Vaping: What Causes Its Burnt Taste & How to Fix It

When you are trying to quit cigarettes, you may consider transitioning to vaping. E-cigarettes might be a better option for you since they come in a wide range of flavors, produce a fragrant smell, and can soothe your cravings effectively.

When vaping, there may be times when you take a long puff and you get a lingering burning taste and smell. The good news is that this burnt taste and smell poses no risk to your health and is easy to fix.

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1. Ensure that your tank is always filled up

The most common cause of the burnt taste is a dry hit. This happens when your tank runs dry and the wick is not covered completely with your flavoured e-juice, which then heats and burns your wick caused by the lithium battery. To avoid this, you need to make sure that your tank is always filled up with your flavoured e-juice.

2. Replace your burnt coil

Your coil needs to be replaced regularly.

When changing your coil, consider your preferences when vaping, which includes the type of coil you use and the way you vape. These affect how long your coils will last. When your coil gets burnt, replace it as soon as you can and keep your tank clean at all times.

3. Avoid chain vaping

Chain vaping is when you take lots of draws within a short amount of time. This causes your coil to burn up and shorten its lifespan by using up a lot more e-liquid and drying up your tank faster. To keep your coil in tip-top shape, take longer, fewer draws. By doing this, you will savour the taste of the vapour and it will help you extend the lifespan of your coil, giving you overall a more enjoyable vaping experience.

Meanwhile, if you need to appease your craving while avoiding chain vaping, then you may consider switching to an e-liquid with a higher amount of nicotine.

4. Prime your new coil

To prevent your wick and coil from burning, make sure to prime your new coil by waiting for your wick to be fully saturated in your e-liquid.

While you may be tempted to vape as soon as you have replaced your coil, it is best to be patient and wait for your coil to prime. This will boost your vaping experience by letting you avoid the icky burnt taste and get only the best out of your e-liquid flavour.


A burnt taste is one of the worst things you can experience as a vaper. Fortunately, you can easily fix and avoid this by ensuring that your tank is always filled up, replacing your burnt coil, avoiding chain vaping, and priming your new coil. By following these simple yet effective tips, along with maintaining the excellent condition of your vape properly, you are sure to enjoy your vaping session.

Meanwhile, whether you need to replace your coil or buy a brand new vape, make sure to shop only at an established vape shop.

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