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Why You Should Vape Without Nicotine: What to Know

For many years, nicotine always had a bad reputation in the world of smoking. This chemical compound from the tobacco plants is highly addictive. While smoking is harmful because of all other toxic chemicals in the cigarette, it is the nicotine that compels one to continue the smoking habit. This is why many individuals consider switching from smoking to vaping, as nicotine content in e-juices is less harmful than in cigarettes. But while vaping with nic e-liquid still has minor harmful effects, it’s a good idea not to consume nicotine at all when vaping.

If you’re wondering why this is so, here’s why you must vape without nicotine:

1. Safer smoking alternative

People have been switching from smoking to vaping because they want to become healthier. As you should be aware, smoking is detrimental to your health because it can cause many diseases, one of which is cancer. So, what’s the point of switching to vaping if you continue to consume nicotine? Sure, it may be less harmful than when you’re smoking, but it’s still best to opt for VG and PG ingredients as they are a lot safer than nic e-liquid!

2. Additive removal

Opting out of nicotine content is simply removing the only addictive substance in a vape. As such, you won’t get constantly hooked up to vaping, even to a point where you can live without the harmful chemical. Without nicotine, you’ll consume e-liquid juice with only certified ingredients that won’t necessarily harm your body – this is much safer for you!

3. Better taste and smoother experience

If you want a better vaping experience, doing so without nicotine content is the way to go. You can surely explore various flavours of e-liquid products without savouring bitter taste, whether it’s candy, mentholated, or fruity taste. Besides, vaping without nicotine will reduce your chance of getting a sore throat. Ultimately, you’ll have a smoother vaping experience without any setbacks!

4. Increased cloud production

For the uninitiated, the rule of thumb is to drop the nicotine level if you want to increase your cloud production. If not, you will be consuming a lot of nicotine as you increase your vapour production. This is the reason many vaping aficionados turn to Sub-Ohm devices.

5. Reduced headache

Another problem with consuming a high nicotine level is how it can worsen your headache. The higher the content is, the more you’ll get headaches. That said, what better way to reduce your headache than to start vaping without nicotine? If not, then simply add a nic shot to a short fill instead!

6. Uninterrupted vaping session

First off, think of places you’re allowed to smoke, as those places apply to vaping as well. But without the nicotine content, you’ll be less addicted to vaping. This means that you can carry out your day-to-day activities without the need to look for a place where it’s allowed to vape. Yet when the time comes for a vaping session, you can still have an optimal experience!


Vaping without nicotine content can make a world of difference in your experience. As outlined above, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following—safer smoking alternative, additive removal, better taste, smoother experience, increased cloud production, reduced headache, and uninterrupted vaping sessions. By vaping without nicotine, you can make the most of it and have an optimal experience with every session!

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